Thursday October 22 14:30 - 16:00

Visual Narratives Laboratory: vnLab - let's get to know each other!

The Visual Narratives Laboratory at the Film School in Łódź is a place for the creative and scientific exploration of technologies related to narration, such as cinematic VR, XR, AR, stereoscopy, interactive narratives, film essay, and finally digital multimedia publications. All these explorations are accompanied by scientific reflection focused on issues such as the ethnography of the film set and research on the impact of works produced in the Laboratory, including ocularcentric research. The Laboratory officially launched in autumn 2019 with the New Visual Narratives conference organised as part of the Filmteractive festival. After an intensive first year of activity, during which the COVID-19 pandemic changed and complicated our work methods and way of life, it’s time for an initial summary and setting out paths for the future.

This year’s Digital Cultures will feature representatives of three studios most connected with the event’s themes:
Pola Borkiewicz and Jacek Nagłowski from the VR/AR Studio will share their experiences from working with cinematic VR. Joanna Dobrzańska from the Live Experience Studio will talk about the spherical streaming of Chopin concerts. Katarzyna Boratyn and Krzysztof Pijarski will present current Interactive Narratives Studio’s projects. They will also cover future vnLab plans and the challenges facing the team.

Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and more in-depth discussions on topics that sparked the most interest.

NOTE: This meeting is not devoted to the vnLab 2021 art and research programme competition. For more information on that topic, please follow the Laboratory’s website.

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