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Festival registration

Registration is free of charge and offers access to all Festival features as well as options to interact with speakers and other participants, including:

  • film programme,
  • archive of recorded lectures,
  • possibility to comment the lectures and ask questions
  • participation in festival workshops and mentoring sessions
  • DC CONNECTS tab.

Registration starts with a click in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The two-stage process includes
1) creating an account directly on our website or through an existing Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account;
2) adding supplementary information related to participant’s interests, objectives and professional affiliations.

In case of questions and concerns, please see the event’s rules and regulations.

How can I communicate with other Festival participants?

The DC CONNECTS tab enables you to contact other festivalgoers and is only available to participants who completed the final part of the registration questionnaire and agreed to share their data with other users.

How do I ask questions in the course of a session?

For events held on Zoom, participants will be able to type their questions into the chat box. Additionally, some sessions will allow for questions to be asked in person through Zoom’s “raise hand” feature. The host of a given session will be moderating the questions.

What is the language of the Festival?

The festival will be held in English or Polish (depending on the language of the instructor).
In the case of events conducted in Polish, simultaneous translation into English will be available.

Festival program

The following event categories will help participants navigate the Festival programme:

  • Panel
  • Workshops
  • Best of Poland
  • Audio programme
  • Film programme
  • Performance
  • DC Connects
  • Meet the experts

You will need Zoom to watch the live streams. To download the app, click here.

Save the Date!

The buttons next to each festival event help users access its live stream, sign up for a mentoring session or a workshop.
The most important of these is SAVE THE DATE button which will send an e-mail reminder an hour prior to the event’s starting time.

Select your time zone!

As the festival brings together participants from around the world, we have added the time zone selection feature that will be available in the left part of the Programme tab, right under the event categories listing.

Please remember to set your time zone so that you see the events’ times correctly displayed on the website!

How can I access a talk after it streamed?

As in previous years, all lectures, discussions and presentations in Best of Poland category will be recorded and uploaded to WATCH AGAIN subpage. After the festival ends, they will be also shared on Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s YouTube channel.

Film programme

Each film will be available for streaming for two days after it's publication on the Festival website.
Most of the films will be hosted on Ninateka and made available to audiences worldwide.

The only film available only to the Polish public will be Year of the Robot, which will be hosted on Vimeo.

Audio programme

The Audio Programme episodes will be released in instalments and will be available with no time limits.


Festival participants will be able to attend remote workshop sessions organised by artists and curators.

Participation is free of charge, but filling in the application and being accepted as a participant is required. Individual application forms are available in Programme.
We’re waiting for your forms until October 2nd. After our curators review all the applications, we’ll invite the participants via email on October 6th, 2020.

Due to high interest we cannot guarantee a workshop spot to everyone. The organisers will determine who participates in the workshops on the basis of information included in the registration forms.

Registration for the workshops is mandatory. The workshops are free of charge.

Meet the experts – one-on-one mentoring session

Mentoring sessions offer an opportunity to meet international digital culture experts from leading international organisations. Sessions last 20 minutes and allow you to discuss your ideas for interactive projects or games, learn how to submit your work to an international festival or forge a relationship with an institution.

Given the open character of these sessions, we ask participants to:
1) prepare in advance what they wish to communicate and ask about so that they make the most of the allotted time;
2) (for authors) prepare information about the projects they will be presenting in English;
3) be mindful of the 20-minute time slots and the fact there are other participants interested in attending the sessions.

The sessions will be held in English (in case of experts from abroad) and Polish.
Registration to join an expert’s table will be conducted through Doodle. Follow the Festival’s website and event page on Facebook to learn when registration opens.

Registration for the sessions is mandatory. The sessions are free of charge.

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