Digital Cultures 2020


October 17-25, 2020

During the third edition of Digital Cultures

VR experiences and 1 VR Showcase

Svenja Klüh

Field Trip
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Alexey Furman

Aftermath VR: Euromaidan
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Gerfried Stocker

Director of Ars Elecrtronica
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Trine Laier

Family secrets, political secrets
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Grzegorz Zajączkowski

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Paweł Janicki

WRO: from the archives
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Przemysław Danowski

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Clyde Henry Productions
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Grzegorz Jarzyna

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May Abdalla

A Sense of Forgetting
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Piotr Burdyło

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Frank Cifaldi

Preserving video game history
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Constant Dullaart

Contemporary materialities
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Josh Hadro

Coping with Digitization Abundance
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Jakub Lemiszewski

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Igor Hardy

Prototyp znaleziony w Saragossie
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Anna Witek

Mapa Dekalogu
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Galeria Komputer

UX w projektach kulturalnych
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Holy Pangolin

Odlotowe odgłosy
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Joanna Pająk

New Amsterdam
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Krzysztof Pijarski

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Krzysztof Grudziński

Punch Punk Games
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Post Noviki

Amorficzność kultury cyfrowej
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Małgorzata Wdowik

Podsłuchiwanie teatru
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Bohdan Shumylovych

Context of Creating for Urban History of East Central Europe
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Dana Dansereau

Fake Histories and Imagined Futures
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Natalia Otrishchenko

Crossing for Boundaries of Media: A Case of the Digital Interview Collection
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Oleksandr Makhanets

[unarchiving]: As an Attempt to Overcome Challenges of Digital Archives
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Mariam Natroshvili

Museum on Call
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Klara Kantorowicz
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Anna Lebensztejn i Anna Skała

Szukaj w Archiwach - dziedzictwo kulturowe w świecie cyfrowym
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Piotr Kubiński

Narra: The Game Changer
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Andrei Isakov

Pracownia 3D i Zdarzeń Wirtualnych
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Lukas Henning, Lior Zalmanson, Zofia Zembrzuska, Alek Tarkow...

Algorithms and Curators
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Korba Games

Projekt Wicuś
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Magda Kęsik

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Jacek Nagłowski

The Curator
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Kamil Pohl

Platige Image
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Agnieszka Billewicz

Star Global
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The theme of the third edition was Living Archives. At Digital Cultures 2019 the past became an opportunity to reflect on the direction of development of digital culture and the challenges it is facing: in the process of re-using culture, what can we do in order not to forget the original meanings of the content used? How can we approach organizing archives and making them accessible if we are constantly overwhelmed with excessive amounts of content? How can such technologies as VR respond to new challenges?
Digital Cultures 2019 featured a number of projects from artists and institutions who via new media join the debate on current forms of heritage presentation and preservation.

The first host of the touring edition of the conference in 2019 was Lviv, Ukraine, which was co-organized with the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe and the Art Association “Nurt” during fourth edition of the Festival of Audiovisual Art Tetramatyka.
During the Lviv conference on October 15–19, workshops, meetings with game developers and artists, VR shows, presentation of +100 audiovisual projects, as well as Home Cinema Day were held.

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