Digital Cultures 2020

October 17-25, 2020

Inaugurated in 2017, the Digital Cultures Festival acts as an international platform for meetings between digital culture professionals and enthusiasts.

2020 Programme

We see digital culture not as a separate field but as an integral part of the contemporary cultural landscape.
To understand it fully and get the most out of it, it should be examined from a range of viewpoints. That is why this festival is not just about VR, XR, and computer games — we also invite visual artists, filmmakers, sound artists, graphic designers, and cultural professionals.

This year’s Digital Cultures will be held online. Knowing the virtual cannot replace the physical, we will not simply be using the Internet to recreate the events that formerly took place in Warsaw.

Instead, we have come up with a more relaxed, 9-day programme, so you can easily keep track of the topics covered. From October 17 to 25, you can join in a range of events and get inspired by hearing what artists, creators, and experts from all over the world have to say about Imagined Futures.

Imagined Futures

For numerous reasons, discussing the future seems particularly relevant today. Futurological visions are increasingly part of our reality - visions that were regarded as intriguing yet far-fetched fantasies even a decade ago. Like no other tool, culture helps us imagine, understand, and grow familiar with the future. Through its lens we shall observe many aspects of what lies ahead.


Portret Elvina Flamingo | Portrait of Elvin Flamingo

Elvin Flamingo

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Ingrid LaFleur

Curator, Afrofuturist
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Portret Julii Kaganskiyiej | Portrait of Julia Kaganskiy

Julia Kaganskiy

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Charlotte Webb

Artist, researcher and Chief Leopard of the Feminist Internet
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Zdjęcie członków kolektywu Noviki | Photo of members of the Noviki collective


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Portret Wiesława Bartkowskiego | Portrait of Wiesław Bartkowski

Wiesław Bartkowski

Interaction designer and complex system researcher
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