Portret lekarza i pacjenta w czarnym stroju. Lekarz w ręku trzyma obcęgi. | Portrait of a doctor and patient in black outfit. The doctor is holding pincers in his hand.
Friday October 23 from 20:00, finish 25.10.2020 19:59
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Film programme
Human Non Human

"Roly Poly", dir. Andrzej Wajda

The distant future – the year 2020. Rally driver Richard Fox (played by one of Poland’s most prominent post-war actors, Bogumił Kobiela) keeps getting involved in terrible accidents but always manages to survive thanks to organs transplanted from people who died in crashes he caused. The situation complicates when he starts acquiring his donors’ personality traits along with their organs. This short film by Andrzej Wajda is based on a story by Stanisław Lem and was one of the few adaptations to win the approval of the fastidious master of Polish sci-fi.

The film will be available online at Ninateka for 48 hours, between October 23, 8.00 pm and October 25, 7.59 pm.
Film will be available worldwide, except South and North Americas.

Production: Poland, 1968
Duration: 35 min

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