Okładka panelu Ja, AI i ja, czyli jak roboty odzwierciedlają ludzi, jak o nich myślimy i w jakim stawiają nas świetle? | Me, Myself and AI how robots reflect humans and humans reflect on robots cover photo
Thursday October 22 20:00 - 21:00

Me, Myself & AI – How robots reflect humans and humans reflect on robots

A ciné-club meeting with Yves Gellie, director of "Year of the Robot", and AI philosopher Aleksandra Przegalińska.

Objects with souls. Robots with emotions. Humans and their artificial counterparts. An event dedicated to the intertwining of human nature and technology.

The meeting is centred around the film "Year of the Robot". Triggering a range of emotions from awe to solitude, Yves Gellie’s "Year of the Robot" is an aesthetic, intimate portrait of elderly people building relationships with childlike robots. The documentary follows nursing-home patients, often suffering from Alzheimer’s, and underlines the fragility of ageing, technocratic societies.

During the event, director Yves Gellie will discuss the making of the film and the delicate relationship that humans can form with technology. Can magic happen when people and machines meet?

Yves Gellie will be joined by AI philosopher Aleksandra Przegalińska. In her talk, she will look at the emotions of machines: in the future, should they (and will they) be able to feel?

The session will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

After the session, Year of the Robot will be available online for 48 hours at Ninateka, from October 22, 9.00 pm to October 24, 8.59 pm. The film will only be accessible to viewers in Poland.

The meeting with its director provides an opportunity for international audiences to get a unique glimpse of the project.

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