Okładka panelu Artist Spotlight: Iza Szostak | Artist Spotlight: Iza Szostak cover photo
Thursday October 22 19:30 - 19:45

Artist Spotlight: Iza Szostak

Muscular Bonds is a virtual environment I designed where a collective body made up of many individual bodies is being created. Its multi-part, organised movement alludes to such performances and practices as parades, marches, collective choreography, Qigong exercises or commercial outdoor shows. The relations between the characters and their bodily expression are choreographed based on the limitations and unlimited motor capabilities of avatars functioning in a digital world. The restrainedly spectacular repetitiveness of choreography in Muscular Bonds refers to the idea of shared practice, discipline, and physical exercises.

The Virtual Reality technology I explore gives me the tools to execute my ideas and create virtual spaces based on my order, rules, and communication systems. Thus, I can develop worlds and avatars, a platform for communicating with the audience. In Virtual Reality the virtual body can be freely explored using trackers and modified as well as transformed into a body of another sex, race or even an inhuman. The body can fly, be duplicated or dance synchronously. However, the avatar’s body doesn’t always follow what the human body wants to do.

Part of the Art House - Online Residency Programme
The Art House - online residency programme was a platform that invited Polish digital and visual artists to reflect on adapting in the times of the new normal. Selected from an open call, for two months, without the need to leave their homes, 20 Polish artists in residence have been developing their artistic concepts for new projects, while consulting with mentors who represent top international institutions such as Serpentine Gallery, Design Museum Holon, V&A, Kunsthaus Graz and many more.

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