Thursday October 22 17:00 - 18:00

AI - current challenges and hopes

Can artificial intelligence be trusted?

We are just on the eve of rapid social and economic changes caused by the development of digital technologies. Artificial intelligence is fundamental to these changes, promising to improve our quality of life by helping us drive vehicles or enhancing medical diagnostics, for example. The challenges associated with it transcend far beyond the programming process and the consequences of implementing algorithms in subsequent areas are often unpredictable.

So will the doomsday scenarios predicting the rise of superintelligent machines come true in the near future?
Can we protect ourselves from the threats by directing artificial intelligence towards serving humans?
What does it really mean to responsibly develop reliable artificial intelligence?

During our panel, we will discuss the ethical aspects of the relationship between artificial intelligence and the society as well as the environment. We will present both the positive and negative effects of its application and talk about current developments and future outlooks.

KPRM is the strategic partner of the festival.

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