Portret kosynierów: ojciec i dwóch synów z kosami w stodole. | Portrait of blackbirds: father and two sons with scythes in the barn.
Wednesday October 21 from 20:00, finish 23.10.2020 19:59
Polish English
Film programme

"The Last Mowers", dir. Andrzej Załęski

An unhurried document presenting a world that is fading away. Working the boggy meadows at the river Biebrza are the titular last mowers, passing on the tradition of mowing the grass by hand to a sparse handful of successors. Here, long contemplative shots of unique wildlife make the human order merge with the order of nature.

The film will be available online at Ninateka for 48 hours, between October 21, 8.00 pm and October 23, 7.59 pm.

Production: Poland, 2013
Duration: 27 min

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