Sunday October 25 18:30 - 19:45
DC Connects

Imagined Futures Manifesto part III

The meetings are open for registered participants and will involve creating a joint Imagined Futures Manifesto, which will be published following the Digital Cultures Festival.

Link with Manifesto document, created during the meeting.

Manifestos are the vanguards of the revolution. They are a declaration of breaking away from the automaticity of everyday life and letting go of the previous routine. They point to what we haven’t noticed in our life and what may become the main component of our future. Looking at past manifestos, we can find collective moods and hopes which, once recognised by the rest of the society, served as a unified transfer of power with the ability to start a revolution and change the course of history.

A manifesto also serves as a form of demand conveying specific expectations towards the recipient, presenting a new vision, and confronting us with a different way of thinking. It uncovers the processes occurring, as it were, beneath the surface of social reality. As such, manifestos can often be compared to artistic activities typical of critical art, which reveals the truths not seen by the society, recognises new phenomena, and teaches a different perspective on reality.

Do the manifestos still have the power to stir us from our lethargy?
To change the way we think?
To open up space for new ideas?

During the three meetings with festival goers and invited guests, we’ll reflect on the current power of manifestos and try to create new scenarios for the future based on the demands of digital culture. Our meetings will focus on three groups of topics constantly found in digital manifestos: feminism, ecology, and social activities regarding data sharing and disclosure. Is change still possible? Let’s try to imagine the possible futures. Join us!

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