Quantum Game

When quantum physics appears in a video game, it is usually a half-magical explanation of miraculous phenomena, from time travel and teleportation to the superhuman abilities of the protagonist. Of course, this has little to do with more serious science. Is it possible then to create a game which could help understand elements of quantum physics – and be fun at the same time?

Quantum Game is a browser-based video game and an educational simulation allowing interaction with quantum physics of single photons. It represents phenomena such as quantum measurement, interference, superposition and entanglement. The player can build quantum systems out of blocks simulating the elements from an optical laboratory. This lets them create new levels for the game as well as simulations of actual experiments.

Project team: Piotr Migdał, physicist; Klem Jankiewicz, designer; Philippe Cochin, professional jeweller and web developer; Paweł Janicki, Author of audiovisual systems, art installations and performances; Chiara Decaroli, educator and science illustrator; Kuba Strebeyko, humanist and frontend developer; Paweł Grabarz, frontend developer turned gamedev and Natalia H. Wileńska, R&D manager, researcher, doing industrial PhD in management science;

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