SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game

In its latest project, Evil Indie Games uses a computer RPG to talk about experiencing and discovering social anxiety. SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role-Playing Game takes the player on a surprisingly colourful and weird journey full of surprises through a reality which is a metaphorical fight against Social Anxiety Disorder.

Audiovisually, it combines vaporwave-style elements, low-poly graphics, synthetic music, and apartments with architecture and design straight out of Polish housing project blocks from the communist era.

In the form of an exploratory 3D game with the mechanics of computer RPGs, it attempts to illustrate the feelings of people struggling with social anxiety issues. It aims to alert, educate, raise awareness, and discuss the problem of social phobia in the modern world.

SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role-Playing Game is also a starting point to consider how a crisis situation like the COVID-19 epidemic can lead to heightened anxiety disorders.

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