Scrolling to Zero (2018/2019)

Live concert for church organ and electronics or sound installation or online meditation,18’ video, sound (stereo or Quadraphonic)
additional materials: >> (0).onion.eng

It’s the end. Evaporating… or leaking. Downloading… byte by byte.
Rendering – breath by breath. Listeners. We are organised organs. An organism. We are the sound. Organised sound.

The piece/installation is a collective sound meditation on the word END, a sound ritual for the organ, electronics and audience voices led by a digital avatar. It has been described as follows: “(…) In the post-molecular world, in the era of Anthropocene, defined by the threat of nuclear annihilation as well as by the political and ecological catastrophe, humans as a species have clashed with an immense void. Lacking any objective, their annihilation pending. Scrolling to zero has already begun. The sum of experiences of people who meditate the void in a group is greater than the void itself. (…) It is in this experience that the ethical proposal of a new awareness and responsibility for inter-relationship is contained. Thus, one should not fear the moment of collapse. Each being and species will be replaced by another” (Zak Hall, darkNet edition v201017).

Apart from the full organ version intended for sacral spaces, the piece can also be performed in a chamber version for synthesizers and electronics, in an acousmatic installation version or as an online meditation.

Video: Marek Straszak

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