Comixify is the fruit of over five years of research by scientists and engineers (ex-Google) from world-class institutions, including the Universities of Stanford and Columbia, and Warsaw University of Technology. This strong connection with the academic world guarantees access to future talents.

Comixify is developing AI-based film-genre recognition technology to apply in creating visualisations. Our products alter the approach to storytelling and filmmaking, saving hours of arduous manual daily work on visual effects and animation at professional studios, and representing a definitive change in video postproduction.

The free demo version presents our patent algorithms, developed together with over a quarter of a million users creating 150,000 comics in a year. More recently, we have designed technologies to clone any video style and to perform automatic rotoscoping. Our solutions include Style Transfer, Super Resolution, Rotoscoping, and Super Slow Motion that replace manual labour with machine learning.

We believe that manual VFX operations can be reduced almost to zero using machine learning and AI methods. We also have the platform from which it all began – to create comics from video and photo sequences.

Comixify is a team of technical experts and consultants working closely in the VFX field. Our core technical team are Maciej Pęśko, Adam Svystun, and Paweł Andruszkiewicz – experienced engineers who studied at Columbia University, Warsaw University of Technology, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and have held positions related to machine learning and computer vision with companies such as Samsung, 10Clouds, Sigmoidal, and Plastream.

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