Okładka panelu Możliwości roślin w przyszłościach wyobrażonych | Messages To a Post Human Earth cover photo
Tuesday October 20 12:30 - 13:30

Messages To a Post Human Earth - Plant Possibilities in Imagined Futures

May Abdalla (Creative Director at Immersive Studio - Anagram) and Monica Gagliano (Senior Research Fellow at the Biological Intelligence Lab, University of Sydney) discuss Monica’s extraordinary work on plant cognition and explore what answers plants may have for us to help solve man-made crises.

Anagram are collaborating with Monica on a new immersive experience Messages to a Post-Human Earth inspired by an essay written by science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem. In the essay he muses on the possibility of concealing a message in the DNA of a plant meant for the beings that will encounter Earth after our civilisation has ended. The experience explores not only this message but those that are already in the plants that we have yet to see. They will discuss the challenge of designing an experience that could help us unlearn some assumptions about the plant kingdom and help us come closer to our photosynthesising companions. Messages to a Post-Human Earth asks humans to consider their position as members of a brief and vulnerable species on the planet - a species that is part of an ecosystem that existed long before us, and will surely exist long after we are gone.

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