Tuesday October 20 19:00 - 19:15

Artist Spotlight: Elvin Flamingo & Jowita Nowakowska-Gołacka

The Symbiosity of Creation VOL.2 [Self Cells Portrait]
The Symbiosity of Creation VOL.2 [Self Cells Portrait] is a continuation of our way of thinking about co-creation and shared quotidian. Thus, our idea of symbiosity is – at the same time – the artist's descent from the position of demiurge and the scientist's descent from the position of omnipotent authority.

Our Self Cells Portrait – the incubator – tells us the most important thing on our planet that we shouldn't be certain of anything and shouldn't be certain of our domination.

Part of the Art House - Online Residency Programme
The Art House - online residency programme was a platform that invited Polish digital and visual artists to reflect on adapting in the times of the new normal. Selected from an open call, for two months, without the need to leave their homes, 20 Polish artists in residence have been developing their artistic concepts for new projects, while consulting with mentors who represent top international institutions such as Serpentine Gallery, Design Museum Holon, V&A, Kunsthaus Graz and many more.

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