Małża w akwarium z przyklejoną do skorupki sprężynką. | A clam in an aquarium with a spring stuck to its shell.
Wednesday October 21 from 20:00, finish 23.10.2020 19:59
Polish English
Film programme

"Fat Kathy", dir. Julia Pełka

In Warsaw the lives and healths of millions of people depend on a couple of mollusks! Eight swollen river mussels (Unio tumidus), highly sensitive to any changes in the environment, are ‘employed’ by the Gruba Kaśka (literally ‘Fat Kathy’) municipal water pump, where — connected to computers — they monitor the purity of the city’s pipeline water and raise an alarm upon detecting any contamination in it . They are supervised by Poland’s one and only malacologist (a scientist who studies mollusks), who in turn watches over their own appropriate behaviour.


The film will be available online for 48 hours, between October 21, 8.00 pm and October 23, 7.59 pm.

Production: Poland, 2019
Duration: 14 min

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