Okładka Artist Spotlight: Laura Grudniewska | Artist Spotlight: Laura Grudniewska cover
Sunday October 25 18:00 - 18:15
Human Non Human

Artist Spotlight: Laura Grudniewska

During the pandemic, we were twice as eager to use the Internet as a kind of common space to connect us. Our social relationships are gradually shifting online anyway, but in times of crisis the Internet has even been capable of compensating for our sensory experiences.

I took this phenomenon as a starting point to seek out regions of the Internet that are receptive to the senses, which revealed certain novel sensual experiences. I focused on the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) community and discovered a type of digital primitivism, stripped of excess semantics, honest and simple in form. I wanted to drown in that abstract world, to hack my perception completely. These days, when we have been constantly hearing the question: “Where are we headed?”, I invite you to celebrate a state of being lost. In these disturbing times, let’s do a danse macabre in the name of the old world and past perceptions. Let’s strain our ears, for hearing is less deceptive than sight. Let it suck us into a maelstrom of new objectivity.

Part of the Art House - Online Residency Programme
The Art House - online residency programme was a platform that invited Polish digital and visual artists to reflect on adapting in the times of the new normal. Selected from an open call, for two months, without the need to leave their homes, 20 Polish artists in residence have been developing their artistic concepts for new projects, while consulting with mentors who represent top international institutions such as Serpentine Gallery, Design Museum Holon, V&A, Kunsthaus Graz and many more.

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