The Cries of Gdańsk

We decided to delve into the world’s oldest profession, without which the streets of Gdańsk and other European cities would have looked and sounded utterly different until the early twentieth century. After all, the cries of street vendors have always been a key element of the urban sonic landscape.

In 2019, we attempted to recreate the songs of Gdańsk criers, known from eighteenth-century engravings by Matthäus Deisch. We reconstructed them and published them online to inspire further activities and projects. For example, we discovered that the streets of eighteenth-century Gdańsk resounded with a fascinating mixture of languages, which resulted in the distinctive local “Gdańsk dialect” (Danziger Platt).

We invite you to listen in on 1760s’ Gdańsk.

Druciarz, Jacek Tlaga

Lemon trader, Weronika Podlesińska

Cod merchant, Aleksandra Litwinienko

Herb merchant, Weronika Podlesińska

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