Zdjęcie członków kolektywu Played with Fire | Photo of members of Played with Fire collective

Played With Fire

Played With Fire is a small independent developer based in Krakow, Poland, focusing on the production of Virtual Reality games. We create virtual landscapes and props in an artful, fable-esque style.

Bartłomiej Szydło (CEO, Lead Programmer) - Experienced programmer, producer, and video game designer specialised in working with Unity 3D engine.

Igor Hardy (Lead Designer) - Story, Level and Game Designer, with many years of experience in developing independent video games.

Monika Mucha (Art Director) - Experienced Art Director, Animator and Art Designer. Specialised in cartoon and fable styles of art.

Joanna Sępek (2D/3D Artist) - A talented Artist creating assets in 2D and 3D. Comic Book Artist.

Mateusz Grzesiak (Animator) - A young and talented Animator specialised in 3D animation.

Rafał Basaj (PR/Marketing) - Experienced Marketing, PR and Brand Manager. Producer. Ex video game journalist.


Portret Piotra Fedorczyka | Portrait of Piotr Fedorczyk

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