Portret Bretta Gaylora | Portrait of Brett Gaylor

Brett Gaylor


Brett Gaylor’s brain is split between making technology and documentaries.

For 10 years, he was part of the Mozilla Foundation’s senior management team. During this time he also produced media work documenting the Internet’s slide from democratic wonderland to dystopic surveillance market. Do Not Track, his 6 part interactive documentary about privacy and the web economy, was the recipient of the International Documentary Association award for best nonfiction series, the Prix Gemaux for Best Interactive Series, the International Association of Broadcasters Online Factual Prize, the Deutscher Prize for online communications, the 2015 Sheffield Documentary Festival jury commendation and the 2016 Peabody award. OK Google animated a year of his son Rowan’s accidental voice searches and received the 2019 Webby Award. His 2008 feature Rip! A Remix Manifestowas the recipient of audience choice prizes at festivals from Amsterdam to South Africa, broadcast in 20 countries, and seen by millions of people worldwide on Netflix, Huluand The Pirate Bay.

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