Portret reżysera rozmawiającego z robotem. | Portrait of a director talking to a robot.
Sunday October 18 from 21:00, finish 20.10.2020 20:59
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Film programme

"The Internet of Everything", dir. Brett Gaylor

The internet is inescapable. No longer confined to a beige computer in your parents’ basement, the Internet is now driving your car, flushing your toilet, and keeping an eye on your sleeping baby.

Depending on how you see it, we’re either living in a futuristic utopia with virtual assistants at our beck and call, or a surveillance state nightmare where digital barriers are mounting between the haves and have nots.

The Internet of Everything captures this ubiquitous modern predicament, looking at what happens when we opt for the convenience of connected “smart” objects, without fully understanding the consequences for our health, our communities, or the planet.


The film will be available online for 48 hours at Ninateka, between October 18, 9.00 pm and October 20, 8.59 pm.

Production: Canada, 2020
Duration: 52 min

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