Portret Barbary Schabowskiej | Barbara Schabowska portrait

Barbara Schabowska

Director of Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Manager, columnist, TV and radio journalist, former director of the TVP Kultura state-owned TV station. Deputy Director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute since 6.05.2019.

She graduated (M.A. programme) of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw, and of the MBA programme at the Warsaw University of Business. Also a Secondary Music School graduate (major: flute).

For over 10 years, part of the Polish Radio Channel Two team; responsible for preparing and hosting programmes with a focus on history of culture and philosophy; author of cultural, historical and social reportage programmes, i.a. the Głosy Solidarności (Voices of Solidarity) series to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Solidarity ‘80 movement. Co-hosted the auteur programme Rachunek myśli (Account of Thought) with professor Robert Piłat.

In 2017, appointed Director and Editor-in-Chief of TVP Kultura. Began co-operating with the station one year earlier; continues to host Pegaz and Scena klasyczna (Classic Stage) programmes.

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