GIF promujący warsztat pt. Magazyn HOLO zaprasza: Co może pójść nie tak? | GIF promoting HOLO workshop
Friday October 23 16:00 - 18:00
Human Non Human

What could possibly go wrong? - hosted by HOLO

Participation is free of charge.

It is required to:
● register and log in to the festival website
● once logged to the website, fill the google form application by clicking Apply button

Application will be accepted until October 10, 2020.
The festival curators will review all applications and deliver the invitation to the workshop participants via e-mail on October 12th, 2020.

Join science fiction author and journalist Tim Maughan for this online workshop as he resurrects his infamous What Could Possibly Go Wrong twitter thread.

Originally intended as a way of poking fun at the unquestioning optimism of mainstream science and technology journalism, this workshop turns lazy headlines into writing prompts for thinking critically about the future. Learn how cynicism, snark, and satire can be useful tools, and how always thinking about the worst that can happen can actually help to both predict accurate futures and imagine more hopeful ones.

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