Portret Marii Drabczyk | Portrait of Maria Drabczyk

Maria Drabczyk


Project manager at the National Film Archive –AudiovisualInstitute (FINA), in charge of international cooperation, mostly focused on access and creative re-use of Institute's digital collection for research, educational or artistic purposes. She is board member of the EUscreen Foundation, member of the Europeana Association Members Council and Chair of the FIAT/IFTA Value, Use and Copyright Commission.

In the past, she co-created a crowdfunding site for culture Wspieramkulture.pl and worked as an international relations expert at the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Maria holds a MA in sociology and she also completed postgraduate studies in cultural diplomacy.

Portret Josepha Cuttsa | Portrait of Joseph Cutts
Portret Pawła Schreibera | Portrait of Paweł Schreiber

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