Zdjęcie członków kolektywu Evil Indie Games - Natali Stalewskiej i Michała Stalewskiego | Photo of members of the Evil Indie Games collective - Natalia Stalewska i Michał Stalewski

Evil Indie Games

Evil Indie Games is an independent polish game development studio founded in 2010 by two brothers - Michal Stalewski and Piotr Stalewski.
At the beginning they focused on developing their own mobile games for IOS and Android.In 2016 their surreal game - NO THING, was released on Steam (for Windows, MacOS, Linux) and in 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

Currently the heart of Evil Indie Games consists of Michal and his wife Natalia. Together they create games they would like to play themselves, often experimenting and breaking the design schemes.The newest project of the studio - SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game - is a surprisingly colourful, very subjective attempt at presenting the life of a person struggling with social anxiety disorder (SAD) using a first-person computer role-playing game.


Project presented during the Digital Cultures Festival:
SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game

Portret Diane Drubay | Portrait of Diane Drubay
Portret Filipa Ignatowicza | Portrait of Filip Ignatowicz