Okładka zajęć: Harmonijne ciało przyszłości. Warsztaty ruchowe Gaga/people i praca z wyobraźnią pod kierunkiem Natalii Iwaniec | Gaga workshops cover photo
Saturday October 24 11:00 - 12:00
Human Non Human

The harmonious body of the future. The Gaga/people movement workshop and imagination class conducted by Natalia Iwaniec

Participation is free of charge.

It is required to:
● register and log in to the festival website
● once logged to the website, fill the google form application by clicking Apply button

"The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the body" - Isadora Duncan

We don’t know what the future holds but our current human bodies are the best we have today. We expect a lot from them. The workshop will focus on the harmony and communication between corporeality and imagination. After a long lockdown at home, it will give us an opportunity to move, connect with our body, and activate the spirit. Even though we’ll remain inside the four walls, we’ll reach far beyond them. Instead of constantly thinking about the future, we’ll focus on what’s here and now while dancing.

During the first 30 minutes, Natalia Iwaniec will conduct a Gaga/people class. This method of working with the body was developed by Ohad Naharin, a long-time director and choreographer of the Israeli Batsheva Dance Company. The class involves both the physical and mental sphere, combining imagination and action, while helping us overcome our own weaknesses. Together, we’ll flow through time immersed in dance and pleasure.
We’ll transition smoothly from the Gaga class to improvisation activities, during which we’ll face our thoughts about ourselves and the future… with tongue in cheek.

• the class will be held via Zoom
• no skills necessary, only enthusiasm
• please wear comfortable clothes, no shoes required
• pick a spot in the house or garden where you can move freely; make sure the surrounding space is comfortable, move any table or chair out of the way if necessary; it’s better to avoid places where you can see yourself in the mirror; during the Gaga class, we move continuously for 30 minutes without conversations or breaks; we explore the activities together with the instructor
• have some water ready; after the Gaga class, we’ll have time for a break, drink, and questions; this will also be an opportunity to improvise movements based on what we’ve learned in the class.

Number of participants: 300
Duration: 1 hour

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