Zdjęcie przedstawiające dziennikarkę i naukowca siedzących przy stole. | Photo showing a journalist and scientist sitting at the table.
Saturday October 17 from 20:00, finish 19.10.2020 19:59
Polish English
Film programme

"Photon", dir. Norman Leto

An epic encounter between art and science in the form of an experimental lecture. Photon is a journey from the beginnings of the universe to an uncharted, post-human future. From the Big Bang to the quantum revolution. Inspired by the work Britain's famous "theorist of everything, "David Deutsch, the author of the acclaimed The Fabric of Reality: Towards a Theory of Everything, the film deals with the origins of matter, then explains what we know (and what we do not know) about the origins of life. How did complex molecular systems form? Using several telling examples from the everyday life of the average family, the biological basis for phenomena such as violence, alcoholism, and free will is explained. In light of recent scientific research, an interesting question is raised: do we really decide anything? The film's final chapter focuses on the future of the human race. Photon boldly predicts that humans and technology will become even more closely intertwined. This visually extraordinary story, combining documentary, fictional, and animated sequences, ends with futurological speculation about the development of civilization and the end of the universe.

Ewa Szabłowska, IFF New Horizons


The film will be available online at Ninateka for 48 hours, between October 17, 8.00 pm and October 19, 7.59 pm.

Production: Poland, 2017
Duration: 107 min

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