Saturday October 17 from 17:00, finish 25.10.2020 20:40

Stage show: Not there

Not there is a stage show about memory that underlies the intimacy of our memories and the acute lack of something that once existed, something that we had and owned. Based on Mariusz Szczygieł's book of the same title, "Not there” is an Internet performance telling a story about oblivion. That it is impossible to remember because memory is selective. People remember what they want. People remember differently. Which means that they don’t remember.

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In the stories we shot, we touch upon the problem of the impossibility of stopping time, what has passed, the people we love; the impossibility of capturing what is and will be the past in a moment, because it just happened. What has already happened. Everyone remembers differently. We have a crippled memory report. We tell stories to find out who we are. To get to what's gone. "ours" doesn't exist.

Written and directed by Agnieszka Lipiec-Wróblewska
Screenplay and scenography Agnieszka Zawadowska
Directing light and photography Jacqueline Sobiszewski
Musical arrangement by Janek Miklaszewski
Choreography Magdalena Fejdasz, Weronika Pelczyńska
Set design cooperation and production Justyna Pankiewicz
Initiate Beata Szaradowska
Sound realization on the set of Tab Media - Paweł Parzuchowski
Sounding Catherine Figat
Synchronous effects Studio Pro-Ton: Denis Dubiella, Agata Spychalska, Izabela Wiejaczka
Editing the film Blaszanka Studio - Anna Zuzanna Błaszczyk
Online installation Katarzyna Sawicka
Colour correction Adam Rosołowski
Camera operator Michał Modlinger
Design and construction of the MB/MH Internet platform - Marcin Benedek, Maximilian Herbst

In the performance, songs from records were used: IMOW, DEAR, BTWN.
Author: Jacek Sienkiewicz
Recognition Studio

Daniel "Czacza" Antoniewicz
Marcin Błaszak
Małgorzata Majewska
Joanna Przybyłowska
Jerzy Walczak
featuring author Mariusz Szczygieł
Dancers/Performers Magdalena Fejdasz, Weronika Pelczyńska

Movie set suport:
Deputy Administration and Technical Director Janusz Chojecki
Literary director Remigiusz Grzela
Head of Administration and Maintenance Kamila Rejchert
Head of Technical Department Hubert Osmólski
Maintenance Specialist Adam Baliński
Head of Artistic Coordination Ewa Opawska
Promotion Edyta Bach (PR), Agnieszka Greiner
Lights Crew Mariusz Jarosz (Team Leader), Filip Rybarczyk, Jakub Zajda
Sound Crew Jan Chojnacki (Team Leader), Piotr Mroczkowski
Multimedia Crew Hubert Osmólski, Marian Tarczyński
Senior Stage Foreman Paweł Kłosiński
Stagehands Szymon Kowalski, Wojciech Pieńkowski (Stage Foreman), Piotr Piskorowski, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Jarosław Zalewski
Dressers Anna Jarosz, Aleksandra Lipka, Katarzyna Rzeszowska
Make-up Małgorzata Jankowska
Prop Managers Kazimierz Augustyniak, Jan Grenwald