Zdjęcie portretowe, kadr z animacji. Głowa łysego mężczyzny, z nicią w ustach. W tle widać powieszone na ścianie szkice. | Portrait photo, frame from animation. The head of a bald man with a thread in his mouth. In the background you can see sketches on the wall.
Saturday October 24 from 20:00, finish 26.10.2020 19:59
Polish English
Film programme
Human Non Human

"Entering the Next Century", dir. Norman Leto

The Polish Radio Experimental Studio, active since 1957, was a trailblazing hub of modern music and sound production. It also helped kickstart the Polish school of animation (think Jan Lenica, Zbigniew Rybczyński or Kazimierz Urbański) and contributed to fantasy and sci-fi films watched in the entire Eastern Bloc (Akademia Pana Kleksa [Mr Inkblot’s Academy], The Silent Star, Inquest of Pilot Pirx). Wojciech Zamecznik’s animation Entry into the Next Century, planned as the Experimental Studio’s international commercial (sic), would certainly also have explored the fine line between experimental and applied art. The legendary artist’s script was taken up by Norman Leto, known in the film world as the author of Photon. Leto’s animated story within a story pays tribute to the sounds and visions of Polish modernism in a thoroughly contemporary form, yet not without sentiment.


The film will be available online at Ninateka for 48 hours, between October 24, 8.00 pm and October 26, 7.59 pm.

Production: Poland, 2019
Duration: 5 min

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