Audio track - Quiet Rush, Zorka Wollny
Date and time
Wednesday October 21 from 21:00
Audio programme

Quiet Rush, Zorka Wollny

Get into the closet under the sink and make yourself comfortable, smell your favourite spice or oil.

An underground concert in the realm of darkness, a world carved by human ambition and chiseled by greed, inhabited by fire lizards and protected by gnomes. A composition for bodies, minerals, insects and bacterias vibrating in the Earth ́s intestines, out of the reach of Sun, order and rationality.

Quiet Rush from Zorka Wollny was created in collaboration with a group of women living in Štiavnica and composed as a sound situation that reacts to the specific spatial, historical and natural conditions of mines hidden under the Earth's surface. The presence of wealth in the town resulting from the successful mining, individual experiences, emotions and stories connected to mining of gold and silver, all this finds its reflection in the voices and sounds.

Recordings of the performance that took place in the mine shaft Bartolomej at the beginning of May 2019 were further developed by the artist into a sound installation. Banska Stiavnica established it ́s mining right and duty as early as the 14th century.

Text by Lucia Tkáčová

Performers: Aëla Hasbach, Barbora Frenová, Ester Gašparová, Janka Krippnerová, Karma Hasbach, Lea Hrnčíriková, Lívia Oláhová, Lucia Tkáčová, Marína Kuhnová, Sandra Kuhnová, Zuzana Bodnárová, Zuzana Ligeti, Zuzana Patkošová

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Production: Slovakia, 2019
Duration: 25 mins

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