Audio track - of the soone, Erin Gee & Sofian Audry
Date and time
Friday October 23 from 21:00
Audio programme
Human Non Human

of the soone, Erin Gee & Sofian Audry

In this work, media artists Erin Gee and Sofian Audry expose listeners to the architectures of an artificial intelligence algorithm through the sounds of an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) roleplay. ASMR is a genre of audio and video making developed by internet aficionados interested in using specific everyday sounds (whispering, soft voice, crinkling and textured sounds) alongside verbal suggestion to trigger pleasant tingling reactions in the body of the listener. The artists combined these ASMR principles of sound with artificial intelligence to create a speculative neural conditioning treatment.

In of the soone, the listener encounters a soft female voice that comes to whisper a script written by a machine learning algorithm, showcasing each stage of the learning process as the algorithm slowly learns to speak. The combination of algorithmic text and ASMR connects the non-conscious, automatic processes of AI to the autonomous reactions of the listener's body to sound, using sonic intimacy to hack into the subconscious of the listener and recondition her neural pathways.

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Production: Canada, 2018
Duration: 18 mins

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