Date and time
Thursday October 22 from 21:00
Audio programme

New Commission: As If Nothing Could Fall Except the Earth

The sound inside a Tesla going at full speed: silence. An uncanny experience where the mind expects a sound that simply is not there. Although the mental space generated from this sound is left unoccupied, it exists nevertheless. A situation unfolding in motion, a becoming, whose fraction is experienced in this composition emerging from an insight into objects and their sounds, or lack thereof – objects that need a voice to speak to and for people. Far from mere sound design functionality, a deeper level connection is sought between objects, sounds and the sense of being human in the modern realm of isolation and velocity.

Experience the mechanism that sets your mind filling the void and find out what you can hear when the whole outside world stops at your windscreen.

As If Nothing Could Fall Except the Earth was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of this Audio Programme at the Digital Cultures: Imagined Futures Festival.

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Production: Poland, 2020
Duration: 5 mins

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