Holy Pangolin

Holy Pangolin is a small games studio founded by Agata Nawrot, who was later joined by Sebastian “dos” Krzyszkowiak. The studio’s games tend to be surreal and inspired by nature, and usually involve hand-drawn graphics and freeware tools. Abstract humour is interwoven with complex emotions and mysterious storylines.

Agata Nawrot wrote the game Karambola and has co-authored a lot of small games for Holy Pangolin. She always tries to slip nature and empathy into her work. She is fascinated by various forms of expression and creative techniques, and she maintains that lying in hammocks and walking in the forest are essential to the creative process.

Sebastian “dos” Krzyszkowiak is a programmer and regular at game jams, where, armed with his ukulele, he has created over 50 games. He is currently one of the most active creators to use the Allegro library. Besides game development – as half of the Holy Pangolin studio – he is also part of the team behind the Librem 5 GNU/Linux smartphone.